Towards a tailor-made veterinary

With 20 clinics in Italy, especially in Lombardy, but expanding in Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, and Lazio, Ca’Zampa is the retailer of services related to pets, in a project built around the need for animal care, veterinary. We are talking about a one-stop-service that ranges from basic to specialist care, up to beauty and well-being of the animal, with grooming, training, sale of veterinary and over-the-counter medicines, and foods for special diets.
Giovanna Salza, founder and CEO of Ca’ Zampa group, explained: ‘I have always attended Zoomark International, since it started. I consider it as an extremely stimulating moment for operators to meet, which is much needed in Italy, a high quality trade fair thanks to national and international presences’.
It is a place to intercept new trends, which are often anticipated by the pet food companies themselves, thanks to their international scope and the availability of resources for research and development.

The world of services comes a little later than that of pet industry, because it is very fragmented in Italy, but is very attentive to trends. Giovanna Salza continued: ‘I see 3 macro trends on which we will work in the near future: the concept of one-health (the integration between human, animal, and environmental well-being, ed.) will also be applied to the world of services by reshaping the demand and supply. And from the field of human medicine we are borrowing the veterinary specialization, and here Ca’Zampa has made large investments in the management system and business intelligence, the interpretation also in terms of care of the data we collect. This will lead more and more to a tailor-made veterinary. The third trend is the commitment to governance, also of people’.
Ca’Zampa aims at doubling the number of clinics in the area in the next 12 months, creating a network that can reach 500 people, for whom it has created a welfare system and a rewarding work environment.

Subscription to well-being

Innovation is therefore a determining factor for growth, and in services it is expressed through attention to pet lovers, as well as animals, to the advantage of good care; through prevention, with innovative tools such as Health Plans, a sort of wellness subscription to well-being; the generalized attention to get the market to evolve, therefore also the culture of operators and ordinary people with respect to how to relate to the animal world. All starting from a high quality service, ISO 9001 certified and Good Veterinary Practices.